Condition Based Operation (CBO™) 

Vibrations in rotating machinery are directly related to the forces that takes place inside them. These forces can over time wear out your machines much faster than necessary. 

Continuously measuring the vibrations on your machines via CBO™ gives a simple way to overview the current machine state, and allows for actions to be taken to avoid or limit the rate of deterioration. 

On the other hand if your machines are working perfectly well, you can postpone unnecessary services since you by using the CBO™ are in perfect control of the forces unfolding inside your machines and consequently in control of the rate of wear.

The CBO™ is displayed in the graphical user interface as a speedometer. The unit goes from 0% to 100%. 0% indicates minimal risk whereas 100% represents the maximum risk of running your machines. 

This feature greatly improves production planning by knowing the machine condition in relation to how critical you rate the machines in your production.