The OrangeBox

The OrangeBox™ – Always listening 

The OrangeBox™ can at a very early stage detect even small mechanical faults which over time can have fatal consequences.

It has no moving parts and exchange encrypted data directly to the external server.

Due to local storage with minimum 15 years of storage, the OrangeBox™ is always listening to your machine – even if the internet connection is down. Data are accessible from your browser and alarms will automatically be sent by E-mail.

There is no need for additional computers, computer servers and IT maintenance. Both the PredictiveSuite™ software and the OrangeBox™ are maintained by MP DIAGNOSTICS so you do not need to worry about software updates of any kind.

Optionally you can connect the OrangeBox™ to your DCS/ SCADA system using either analogue or serial interfaces or LAN.